Merari Ordaz

  • Funds Raised: $1,250
  • Fundraising Goal: $10,000
Hello and thanks for visiting my Team Vegan page!

My name is Merari. #bethchangechallenge was created to raise awareness for the billions of animals killed each year for food. Causing many health issues, and negative effects on our eco system. With your donation to Team Vegan you will help us spare more animal lives. For more information on #bethchangechallenge This is my vegan Facebook page! I’m doing the best I can but I need help!

I’m willing to stand out there and leaflet, and host vegan lunches, and talk to my friends...I just need the funding to do it all.

I just celebrated my 9 year anniversary as a vegan.

This June I took the test to become a Black Belt! It has required hours and hours of my time, my energy and my focus. But through it all I have continued to volunteer for Vegan Outreach.

My nephews and I will hand out a Vegan Outreach booklet for every dollar raised. That could be 10,000 booklets!! And donors will match the money you give, so we could raise $20,000 to print more VO booklets!! Every dollar you give will be matched by a group of 4 kind donors.

Please help. I’m really far from my goal right now and your support would mean the world to me.

The picture is me and my nephews handing out VO booklets! Thank you for hearing my request.

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