Vic Sjodin

  • Funds Raised: $3,688
  • Fundraising Goal: $5,000
Hi! My name is Victor. I have been roaming the US and now the earth on a mission with Vegan Outreach to save our animal friends and promote veganism the last 9 years.

Team vegan is one of our big annual fundraisers that is absolutely vital to keeping our work going and growing. It would be super awesome of you to help support our efforts with a donation to my Team Vegan page! More funds obviously equals more animals saved and pushes us that much closer to a vegan world.

Currently, I am excited about so many of our projects like our diversity initiatives and continuing expansion abroad like hiring our first India Outreach Coordinator. With more funding I am hoping we will start spreading veganism in Eastern Europe or South America and finding ways to reach more communities with this essential message soon.

For every 50 dollar donation I am going to walk a mile, so your donation will not only help animals but also help me get in shape after being in a cast these last two months with a tear in my left Achilles tendon. Thank you so much for helping me and Vegan Outreach help animals! You are the best!

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