Catherine Berlot

  • Funds Raised: $1,110
  • Fundraising Goal: $1,500
I learned about the horrors of animal agriculture when I moved to a region in rural Pennsylvania where chickens, pigs, cows, sheep, goats, red deer, and mink are farmed. Learning these realities convinced me to become a vegan. I tried to promote veganism in my neighborhood there by running in vegan-themed clothing and leafleting at local colleges. For a description of one such run and how these runs inspired my vegan activism, please see my chapter in Running, Eating, Thinking – A Vegan Anthology, edited by Martin Rowe: After living in this vegan-unfriendly region for thirteen years, I moved to Portland, OR, where numerous opportunities for vegan activism abound, and I can now enjoy the company of many other wonderful vegan activists. When I leaflet here, it is gratifying to encounter people who are already vegan and thank me for what I’m doing. But I’m also pleased at how open minded many others appear to be to the concept of reducing their consumption of animal products. Among my new ventures to help animals are serving on the boards of Northwest VEG and One Step for Animals, and volunteering as an Adoption Counselor for the Cat Adoption Team. I am also now teaching an online course on Plant-based Nutrition for the Masters Program in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine at University of Western States. I am so glad Vegan Outreach is helping so many people, many of them quite young, to learn the facts about how our consumption choices affect animals so that they can choose a more compassionate life style. Please support Vegan Outreach’s continued efforts to reduce animal suffering.

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