Siddharth Sharma

  • Funds Raised: $700
  • Fundraising Goal: $1,000
Hi, I am Siddharth Sharma. I am Indian Outreach Coordinator at vegan Outreach and an animal welfare activist. I started working with Vegan outreach in 2016 and spend many days leafleting at Universities and various events. I am on a mission to make the world a kinder place by promoting Vegan diet through Leafleting, social meida and other creative activities.

We in Vegan Outreach aim to build a democratic, grassroots movements to bear witness to animal suffering and to end the animal holocaust by creating a world of animal equality. All the good we have achibed so far is because of generous people donating what they can do to be a part of something greater.

Our campaigns have helped countless people to consider and adapt to veganism and activism. We want to do more! With more funds, we can cover essential daily costs to operate as well as assist in funding projects aimed to bring veganism to a world that desperately needs it.

The animals need help. Please support our continued progress with a generous donation. Reach me at for more information.

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