Sonja Huang

  • Funds Raised: $35
  • Fundraising Goal: $100
Your donation to Sonja's Team Vegan page will benefit our partners at the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition!

I'm the Bay Area Director of the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, an educational non-profit committed to empowering people to save the environment, animals, and our own health through our daily food choices.

This cause is very important to me because our food choices is one of the single most powerful actions we can take at fighting climate change, helping animals, and improving our own health. From food deserts in low-income communities to oceanic dead zones from manure runoff, our industrial food system is in desperate need of a radical transformation.

Please help me work toward a more just and sustainable food system with your generous donations. Thanks!

Thank you for supporting FFAC's important work for animals!

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