Nanette Lizarraga

  • Funds Raised: $105
  • Fundraising Goal: $500
I'm a 21 year old California girl, passionate about the vegan lifestyle. I joined Team Vegan to fundraise for Vegan Outreach, an organization that helped empower me to make the best decision of my life. Please help me reach my goal of $500. I will walk one mile for every dollar donated. I will also volunteer one hour for every dollar donated. Thank you for donating to a cause that is very dear to me.

My Vegan story:

I grew up following the S.A.D. (standard American diet). By the time I was 17 I weighed 187 pounds and was diagnosed with high cholesterol. Around that time, my father showed me a documentary called "Forks Over Knives." After watching, I became a vegetarian overnight and remained one for a whole year.

Within a few weeks of attending college, I received a leaflet from a volunteer from Vegan Outreach. In the leaflet I read about the harsh realities of factory farms, and realized that I didn't want to contribute to the suffering of animals. The information in the pamphlet empowered me to make the best decision of my life. I decided to go vegan.

Within two years I reversed my high cholesterol and near-obesity while saving animal lives in the process. I look and feel my best! I am now studying plant-based nutrition. I dream of a vegan world, and it is through organizations like Vegan Outreach that this can become a reality. Thank you!

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