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General Donations
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Bethany Adams
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Netta Amster
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Perla Anerol
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Bryce Arghiere
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Brandon Becker
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Puneet Beri
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Catherine Berlot
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Alanna Bishop
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Alex Bury
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Gisselle Camacho
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Brett Cap
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Mike Case
(The Vegan Catholic)
The Vegan Catholic
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Brian Chavez
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SOPHIE Christopher
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Sarrie Collins
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Harry Cushing
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John Deetjen
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Danny Dishay
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Abhishek Dubey
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Dustin Eaton
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Steve Erlsten
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Victor Flores
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Cara Frye
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Kevin Gallagher
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Teleia Gilliam
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J.D. Goldschmidt
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Andrea Gomez
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Nayantara Gupta
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Mohan Gurunathan
(Zeena Hanna)
Zeena Hanna
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Rania Hannan
(Jenna Hirth)
Jenna Hirth
(Jessica Hope)
Jessica Hope
(Gwenna Hunter)
Gwenna Hunter
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Myq Kaplan
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Sara Laycock
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Erica Levesque
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Amanda Lietman
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Michelle Lukasiewicz
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Sneha Mahimane
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Sydney Main
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Jessica Maranchello
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Emmanuel Marquez
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Miguel Marron
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Jevranne Martel
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Robin Martino
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Ricky McCallum
(Richa Mehta)
Richa Mehta
(Jennifer Mennuti)
Jennifer Mennuti
(Yuri Mitzkewich)
Yuri Mitzkewich
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Coral Morgan
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Jessica Morris
(Conscious  Muscle)
Conscious Muscle
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Long Nguyen
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Gina Nickerson
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Barbara and Brent Nixon
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Jack Norris
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Sophie Oswald
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Elisa Paczos
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Aneeha Patwardhan
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Stephanie Pom
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Kendrick R
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Taylor Radig
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Roopashree Rao
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Lisa Rimmert
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Michelle Roberts
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Katia Rodriguez
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Ole Rolfsen
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Ana Sanchez
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Michael Serani
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Samantha Shaw
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Stacy Shepanek
(Shweta Shri )
Shweta Shri
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Vic Sjodin
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Lana Smithson
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Saurabh Sonkar
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Amira St Johns
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Josie Steiger
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Lindsay Stephens
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Paisley Stirlen
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Breege Tomkinson
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Sam Tucker
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Benjamin Umholtz
(Aravindan  V)
Aravindan V
(Jackie Va)
Jackie Va
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Adriana Valencia
(Team Vegan-Cat)
Team Vegan-Cat
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Bonnie Warner
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Sarah Weldon
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Michelle Whaley
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Birte Willekens
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Nzinga Young