Alex Bury

  • Funds Raised: $4,768
  • Fundraising Goal: $5,000
After owning a restaurant, working for PETA, working for HSUS, working as a consultant, and now working for Vegan Outreach, I can say with confidence: Vegan Outreach is amazing!

If you can donate to my Team Vegan 2021 fundraising page:

1. Your money will be doubled. DOUBLED. If you give $50, VO gets $100!

2. Your money will do. So much. Good. We know how to create vegans and activists. More people eating vegan = fewer animals tortured to death. Less water wasted and fewer streams polluted. Less ocean pollution from fishing, and less methane in the air.

 **Even if you can't go vegan, you can pay for someone else to go vegan and that matters!**

3. You'll be supporting some of the best people I've ever known—my VO colleagues. They work so hard to help make this world a better place. They gave up corporate gigs to live on nonprofit pay, they fight for social justice, they support each other. They've taught me what it means to be dedicated and kind. I'm a better person today because I work with the VO team.

  I want a world where slaughterhouse videos don't exist anymore.

I want a world with clean air and water.

I want VO to keep growing and thriving.

Please donate to Team Vegan!

We're all choosing service goals this year. I chose three from the list.

 -->If I raise $2,000, I'll foster one rescue animal in 2021.

 -->If I raise $4,000, I'll foster a critter AND pick up 3 bags of litter from a bike trail or city park.

 -->If I raise $5,000, I'll foster AND pick up litter AND deliver 20 bags of vegan groceries to 10 families in Anchorage, Alaska, in 2021.

Thank you for considering my page and THANK YOU for supporting Vegan Outreach! 

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