Alex Bury

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  • Fundraising Goal: $5,000
Help! Placing veg info directly into the hands of college students, with a big smile, is one of the best things we can do to create more vegans. More vegans = less animal suffering.

Normally I support Vegan Outreach leafleters but I don't do it myself because IT'S REALLY HARD. So that's my 2017 Team Vegan challenge. I kind of hope I don't meet my fundraising goal!

If I raise $5,000 I'll travel to Oregon for the fall semester and hand out 5,000 booklets at schools that are hard to reach (Klamath Falls, Bend, etc). I'll act just like a real VO leafleter: I'll get up super early to hit the morning class changes, I'll use a straight arm, I'll smile even when I'm ready to give up, and I won't give up until I've handed out all 5k!

If you donate to my page today your donation will be *doubled* and I'll reach 5,000 young people with the truth about animal suffering. If you don't donate I'll be able to stay home and relax all fall. So it's up to you! Thank you! I think!

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