Astha Gupta

  • Funds Raised: $582
  • Fundraising Goal: $500
When I look a few years back in my life, I really feel proud of myself for making the decision of going vegan. It was a quick change for me when I got to know the truth behind dairy and then I never went back to being a non-vegan. Being Vegan was definitely not enough and since then I decided that spreading awareness is really very important.

I decided to leave my previous job at a law firm and joined Vegan Outreach. The journey has been incredible as I have been able to reach out to 1000s of students in various cities across India by organizing and participating in various forms of activism both online and offline.

While speaking about the cause, I see how people are really unaware of the reality and that is why we need to keep doing the work from our side and keep motivating others.

My motivation in life is to save as many animals as I can by spreading awareness. I am really thankful to Vegan Outreach for giving me this platform. My goal is to get $500 as a donation. I have decided that for every $100 I receive, I will donate 7 water pots for the stray animals. Please donate and support our social cause and keep our activism going.

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