Benjamin Umholtz

  • Funds Raised: $5,124
  • Fundraising Goal: $5,000
For many of us, now is a time of new hope, and of new beginnings.

Thank all of you who contributed last year for your vital support during a time of crisis. For all of you joining now for the first time, welcome. This year, there are uplifting updates.

The effective 10 Weeks to Vegan program has spread across the globe to encompass more than 27 countries, with more on the way. It's reached hundreds of thousands of people with free resources to go and and stay vegan just in the past year, and that number is poised to grow.

Closer to home, Vegan Outreach has given out more than half a million meals and grocery bags to the food-insecure and those most effected by the pandemic, and with your help this work can continue through 2021.

So as we set out on our new paths filled with our returning hope, let us share that hope with those others who still suffer so terribly. Please join me in supporting this work. We'd love to be able to keep creating hope for all of us.

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