Brian Chavez

  • Funds Raised: $696
  • Fundraising Goal: $1,000
Hi! My name is Brian, and I'm an Outreach Coordinator for Vegan Outreach. I've personally seen the amazing results of outreach through leafleting, virtual reality, and the 10 Weeks to Vegan email series.

From conversations, I know I've helped many dozens of people decide to try a vegan diet. Some people say they'll try going vegan on the spot! It's also nice when someone tells me they saw me last semester, and they decided to go vegan because of my efforts.

Now that people are taking surveys at the end of our 10 Weeks to Vegan email program, I can see an even better glimpse of our progress. It appears we are making a big difference. I've helped more than 8,500 people sign up for the program so far! I've also handed out more than 100,000 leaflets and I've shown virtual reality to hundreds of people.

People are enthusiastic to try a vegan diet, they just want a little help in trying. With your support, we can continue to make the world a more harmonious place by helping animals.

If I meet my fundraising goal, I will post a video of me tap dancing while hula hooping. I don't know how to do either, but I'll learn for the animals.

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