Brian Chavez

  • Funds Raised: $825
  • Fundraising Goal: $1,000
Hello, My name is Brian. I coordinate for Vegan Outreach's Vegan Food Aid program in San Diego. Before that, I handed out 150,000 leaflets at college campuses across the country, showed people virtual reality videos about factory farming, gave out vegan food, and helped 18,000 people sign up for our 10 Weeks to Vegan guided challenge. Here is a link to a video I made of how people responded: Outreach Video

I went vegan because I want to see a more harmonious world and help protect animals from suffering. I'm passionate about working for Vegan Outreach because I like the inclusive values that VO promotes, and I like how VO is carefully focused on helping animals, to prevent suffering and increase compassion. 250,000 people signed up for our 10 Weeks to Vegan guided challenge in 2020. A survey of 226 people who signed up online for the US series indicated that about 30% of them switched to a vegan diet after the end of the series. Our Vegan Food Aid program has given out more than 700,000 meals of vegan food since April 2020 in collaboration with the Center For Farmworker Families in Watsonville, Black Lives Matter in Los Angeles, the Navajo Nation in Arizona, and other organizations. And my colleagues in India have been organizing huge virtual tours, and working with many very large organizations to replace animal products with vegan options.

I enjoy being part of the VO team and want to help fundraise to support VO's mission. All donations will be matched. If I meet my fundraising goal, I'll hike to the top of Mount San Jacinto, which is taller than every other peak in San Diego County and Riverside County! I'll post the picture on social media. I'll also ask three family members and three people who I don't know to sign up for the 10 Weeks to Vegan guided challenge!

If you'd like to support my fundraiser, please do! I'd also like friends to join me on my hike, so please send me a message if you want to go!

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