Bryce Arghiere

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Hey there!

I went vegetarian in college when I got lucky: A professor made several essays about animal rights required reading. The authors, Peter Singer, Tom Regan, and others, shared ideas that I had never thought much about before.

They asked big questions that led me to think twice about eating meat: "In what ways are other animals most similar to us, and what does this mean about how we should treat them if we are following the 'golden rule'?" "Do other animals have a right to live free of unnecessary suffering?"

I didn't know the answers to these questions at the time and still can't say that I do completely. But thinking about them made me sure that giving up meat was the right choice for me. I say that I was lucky to read about these ideas because if I hadn't, I most likely would have kept doing what I had always done for the simple reason that it was what I had always done. I am so grateful that a college professor helped me question what I had always assumed was right for me without ever asking why.

I am now also a vegan, but that is a different story (also one where I owe thanks to someone else caring enough to ask me hard questions).

My goal for Team Vegan is of course to help raise money to support animals who are treated cruelly. More importantly, I hope that I can inspire other people to think more about their food choices, just like my professor did for me years ago.

Every dollar donated will be matched by a generous donor. Also, I will hand out one animal rights leaflet for every dollar raised.

Thank you so much for considering the animals!


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