Jaydeepsinh Jhala

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  • Fundraising Goal: $500
I am Jaydeepsinh Jhala & I have been vegan for 2 years and an activist for 1.5 years. I joined Vegan Outreach fulltime as an outreach coordinator a few months ago and have been volunteering with Vegan Outreach for 1 year.

I considered myself an environmentalist and "ethical" vegetarian (yes, I wasn't aware of the cruelty associated with dairy industry) and transitioned to veganism because of the high carbon and water footprint associated with vegetarian food. And in order to justify this lifestyle to my friends and family, I started reading about veganism and that is when I found out the horrifying truths that our society has been hiding in plain sight.

I was so shocked to see that I have been funding a brutal industry of rape, murder and starving babies to death with my everyday choices. Immediately I knew that just going vegan was not enough. I couldn't possibly live with the guilt of all the abuses that all these blameless beings endured so I could consume dairy. That is when I wrote to every organisation working on farmed animal rights and advocacy to contribute as much as I could to help to put an end to this animal holocaust.

I started volunteering with Vegan Outreach in their Adopt A College initiative. We visited multiple colleges and universities showing people virtual reality videos and distributing leaflets to compassionate students who were oblivious to the fact that society has conditioned them to be part of something that they wouldn't consciously contribute to.

A couple of months ago, I decided to work full time with Vegan Outreach in transforming the lives of younger generations by creating awareness in them. We have reached out to thousands of students and have even encountered some students (who transitioned to veganism after watching virtual reality videos in our prior outreaches) who were so grateful that they could come out of the social manipulations and alter their lifestyle towards a more compassionate life because of Vegan Outreach's efforts and initiative.

All this gratitude is extended to noble and generous people like yourself whose contributions make this world a better place for all the sentient beings. Every dollar that you donate brings us closer to a harmonious world where no sentient being is ever exploited.

I pledge that for every $50 donated, I will talk to a restaurant to introduce at least one vegan item (dairy/meat alternative) in their menu.

Thank you.

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