Jevranne Martel

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  • Fundraising Goal: $5,000
As the Canada Outreach Coordinator for Vegan Outreach I have been able to travel all over Canada and impact as many students and the public as possible about the suffering of farmed animals. I am inspired daily by the changes I see in others and the compassion people show when they have be educated about the issues we face. I have been an active grass roots activist for 4 years, every since finding out about the cruelty we face. This is extremely important to me as I believe in order for us to all be truly happy we need to ensure that there is the least amount of suffering possible on this planet. I support Vegan Outreach for many reasons. We have an amazing ability to reach millions of people with our outreaching material at schools, festivals and events all over. Every dollar raised by Vegan Outreach will result in reaching more people! For every $50 donated to my campaign, I will climb a different climbing route. These will all be of different intensity and different heights to ensure I continue to challenge myself. I have a fear or heights/ falling and this is a challenge to raise money for the animals and to push myself to get over my fear. I just started climbing walls and have only gone a few times so far. I am excited to raise as much money as possible for the animals. My goal is to raise over 5000$ In the 2 months span. Remember that all donations in this two month period will be doubled, and depending on how much extra is raised I will attempt to do all these routes in one weekend. Please help with any amount you can. Anything and everything helps and is very much appreciated :) Much love to every single one of you :) Thanks a ton in advance.

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