Kevin Gallagher

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"Why be vegan?" or, at least, "why strive toward being more vegan than not?"

After being a vegetarian for health reasons since high school, it was during college that I made the decision to become vegan after I was exposed to the profound ethical implications regarding the non-human animals we choose to eat without much conscious thought on a daily basis.

Extending the same ethical consideration to non-human animals as I already did to humans seemed like a fundamental ethical progression of the human rights activism work I already supported and was engaged in.

And my guiding moral principle then, as it remains today, is that I'm an ethical vegan to help reduce suffering in the world.

Why "Vegan Outreach?"

It was apparent to me early on that being a vegan and assisting in the spread of veganism is a relatively easy "solution" of effecting change to help reduce some of the profound injustices in the world. And helping to spread veganism has been Vegan Outreach’s mandate since its beginning.

My time with VO—first as an early "friend" of VO after its founding, then in a more active role on its Board of Directors and as a donor, and now more active still as a staff member being able to more directly assist and guide its work—is a continuation of my commitment to do my small part, albeit non-trivial, as one person to help lessen the suffering in the world.

And I've found VO to be an organization that best meets the goal of promoting ethical veganism. I very much agree with VO's commitment, in accord with other social movements for justice, of encouraging grassroots change from the bottom up.

Why donate to Vegan Outreach?

If, like me, you believe veganism is a goal worth striving toward and wish to support helping to bring about a more compassionate and just society for all, human and non-human animals alike, then I urge you to donate to VO. There's no other group doing the work we do with the understanding we have.

Thank you for your crucial support!

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