Komal Tehlan

  • Funds Raised: $131
  • Fundraising Goal: $500

I went vegan in January, 2021. I was horrified after learning the reality of the animal agriculture. Ever since animal rights has been a significant cause for me. I have an internal pull to serve and to become the voice of animals. I think being vegan is not enough, I need to spread awareness about animal suffering.
I am an outreach coordinator in Vegan Outreach. Each year they engage hundreds of thousands of people worldwide through their 10 Weeks to Vegan program.Vegan outreach is the best happened to me in 2021. They provide the opportunity to educate hundreds of young minds. I want to end animal suffering and being a part of Vegan Outreach is my way of helping out. I have decided that for every $100 I receive, I will donate $10 from my side to animal rescuers in Delhi. I feel donation provide people with an extraordinary way to use their wealth that will change people’s and animals’ lives. Please support and donate for the most vulnerable, innocent, sentient beings.

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