Myq Kaplan

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My name is Myq (pronounced “Mike”) and I’m a comedian and member of Team Vegan!

I have an hour-long special on Amazon called “Small, Dork, and Handsome,” a half-hour Comedy Central Presents special, and standup appearances on numerous late nights shows like the Tonight Show, Letterman, Seth Meyers, and more.

I host a podcast called Broccoli & Ice Cream and I perform all over New York City, the U.S., and the world. You can see follow me, @myqkaplan, on most social media, and see more of my work at

Like many people, I grew up eating meat. In college, I decided to try being a vegetarian and it worked well for me. It became my new normal. Around age 24, I started reading some of Peter Singer’s writings about animal rights and liberation, and I learned more about factory farming. To better align my philosophies and actions, I became vegan.

I joined Team Vegan to help raise money for Vegan Outreach, an organization that fights to end violence against animals. Your donation this month will be matched dollar-for-dollar by anonymous donors. Please make a donation today! Thank you!

Photo by Mindy Tucker

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