Roopashree Rao

  • Funds Raised: $2,265
  • Fundraising Goal: $2,500

Hi, I'm Roopa and I am the Indian American Community Events Coordinator at Vegan Outreach. Which means I work for the Animals!! Yay!!

Please join me at Team Vegan to raise funds to support Vegan Outreach and our extensive efforts to create a world where animals are free from bondage, exploitation and needless suffering.

Any amount you give matters, and until May31st, your donation will be matched, so it will double its impact!!

And for every $100 donated, I promise to do 10 sets of Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutations - so I am fit and energetic to travel and advocate more for the Animals!

Thank you for your support - it means everything to me!

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