Sam Tucker

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  • Fundraising Goal: $5,000
My name is Sam Tucker and I travel around Australia and New Zealand handing out leaflets raising awareness about factory farming to university students on behalf of Vegan Outreach.

More animals suffer in factory farms and slaughterhouses than in any other animal-using industry on the planet. For this reason, Vegan Outreach puts farmed animals at the front and centre of our campaigning and works hard to encourage people to choose a more compassionate diet.

Strong evidence suggests that for every 75 booklets read, 1 person goes vegan or nearly vegan (reducing their consumption of all non-vegan foods to less than once per week).

And some evidence suggests that for every 200 booklets read, 3 people go vegetarian and 1 person goes vegan!

Considering the average person will eat thousands of animals over the course of their lifetime, and considering that thousands of leaflets can be handed out in a single day of leafleting, just one day of outreach has the potential to make a world of difference for a huge number of animals!

But of course, none of this is possible without the help of our donors. By donating to Vegan Outreach you can help us to help animals in the most cost effective way possible. Even a small donation can make a world of difference for factory farmed animals across the globe.

In fact, by donating as part of the Team Vegan campaign, your impact for animals will be doubled, thanks to a handful of generous donors who will match every donation dollar-for-dollar!

So please consider donating what you can towards making the world a better place for animals and know that every dollar you give will go directly towards fighting against the suffering of animals in factory farms both here in Australia and New Zealand, and across the world. Even a small donation can have a huge impact for animals.

If I reach my fundraising goal, I will write and record a rap about leafleting for Vegan Outreach, which will be available exclusively to people who donate to my Team Vegan. This could very likely be the only chance you ever get to hear me rap, so donate now if you don't want to miss out!

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