Sowndarya Ganesan

  • Funds Raised: $154
  • Fundraising Goal: $500

I'm Sowndarya Ganesan working as a campaign specialist in Vegan Outreach. Sustainability has never been a new concept for me. I am practising a sustainable lifestyle since I was 18. All my efforts were still incomplete since I overlooked one essential component - "food on our plates". One could rarely imagine how one simple resolution can change both animal and human lives.

Vegan Outreach in all these years, has been doing an amazing job in changing thousands of individuals and their perspectives for good. Working with Vegan Outreach, I understood the importance to educate people on living a healthier, more compassionate, plant-based lifestyle.

You too can make a difference by supporting this amazing organization to help animals in many countries! Every dollar you contribute will help us change the lives of millions on Earth.

If I reach my fundraising goal, I will create a micro-forest in TamilNadu.

Our work is possible because of changemakers like you who donate to help end suffering.

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