Stacy Shepanek

  • Funds Raised: $2,466
  • Fundraising Goal: $2,000
I'm Stacy and I feel privileged to be a part of this social justice movement.

Something that my aunt Rae says is, "We can't fix the whole world, but we can try to do our part to not contribute to suffering." With the world upside down, I think more than ever, people are trying to make kinder choices wherever they have the opportunity.

This is something I have the privilege to work towards every day with an amazing group of dedicated activists. Even now, when we are unable to be out there talking to people face to face, we have been coming up with creative solutions to help animals—while doing our best to keep our teams safe and secure. We are feeding healthy vegan food to our communities that are in need. We are ramping up our online support groups and releasing our amazing 10 Weeks To Vegan series in multiple new countries. The demand for this information seems to be increasing, even now.

But we need your support more than ever to ensure that when the time comes, we are still around—still on the ground every day helping people go vegan.

All donations are currently being matched, so every $20 you donate is really $40 for us!

I only have until May 15 to reach my goal! Please help me get there.

Thank you so much!

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