Vaibhavi Lonkar

  • Funds Raised: $25
  • Fundraising Goal: $500
Hello, this is Vaibhavi. I've been a vegan and an activist for 5 years. I was born vegetarian and turned vegan after I came to know about the cruelty which takes place in the dairy industry. I run a blog too to help people make the transition from a non vegan to a vegan. I was interning with Vegan outreach India in 2018 and I went on South India tour with an employee to raise awareness about veganism. Vegan outreach works at the ground level through leafleting, video outreach, seminars and webinars at schools and colleges when it comes to raising awareness. Vegan outreach helped me in helping animals and I wish to help more animals now. My goal is to raise $500 as donation. Please donate, the animals will bless you. Thank you

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