Cara Frye

  • Funds Raised: $234
  • Fundraising Goal: $500
Hi! I’m Cara, Vegan Outreach’s Graphic Designer, and I’m excited to be participating in Team Vegan for the first time this year!

We all share a vision for a compassionate world without slaughterhouses and your donation will enable us do the footwork to make it happen.

As our graphic designer, I get to collaborate with all branches of VO’s team. From powerful grassroots outreach to corporate campaigns that make vegan options more accessible, every day I get to see how Vegan Outreach is making our vision a reality.

Please help us continue this work by helping me reach my fundraising goal of $500. For every $100 raised, I will create and post delicious Italian-inspired recipes passed down from my Great Grandmother (Big Nana) to my Grandmother (Little Nana) and on to me. Since going vegan in 2012, I’ve been creating vegan versions of our family’s food traditions and would love to share them with all of you! From our family’s secret rigatoni topped with our secret hearty tomato sauce, to a creamy fettuccine alfredo, these dishes will reward your generosity and your tastebuds.

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