Danny Dishay

  • Funds Raised: $30
  • Fundraising Goal: $1,000
I'm new to Team Vegan! I am an animal rights activist as well as a vegan personal trainer! Doing animal rights outreach and sparking civil discourse with the public about animal ethics is one of my all time passions!

My nutritional plans are solely vegan and hence cruelty free. I believe there is just so much room for animal suffering when it comes to people committing to a non-vegan, fitness lifestyle. Reason being is that committing to a non-vegan lifestyle usually entails the consumption of high amounts of animal protein, usually derived from chicken breast, eggs, fish, turkey, and whey protein. I am here to help show people you can achieve any fitness goal through consuming foods that do not require the exploitation and killing of innocent animals, and in the most cases these foods end up being healthier and better for the planet!

For each person who ends up donating $25+ dollars, I will offer a 15 minute conversation with myself, going over vegan nutrition, training advice related to lifting weights, animal rights ethics, outreach tactics, or even if somebody just wants to have a conversation about veganism in general!

Vegan Outreach is a fantastic non-profit organization and helping get them the funds to further raise animal rights awareness and veganism will help the vegan movement greatly!

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