Dustin Eaton

  • Funds Raised: $2,648
  • Fundraising Goal: $2,500
On January 26th, 2019, I attended the first Meat the Victims event in the US, and my first ever activism event. I, along with many other activists, entered a broiler chicken shed and documented the horrific conditions that the chickens were forced to live in. It was on that day that I became an animal rights activist for life. It wasn't the tens of thousands of baby chicks that I witnessed in the dirty, cramped, toxic shed; it wasn't the dead and dying chicks that we gathered in recognition and mourning for their suffering. It was the moment that I held a single baby chick in my arms and watched it as it experienced love for the first time in its short life, knowing that there was nothing I could do to save it - knowing it would go to slaughter with the rest of the innocent babies in that shed.

Since then, I have attended Cube of Truths, protests, and even showed a documentary at work where I introduced my coworkers to fully vegan food and explained how veganism can help save our planet. More recently, I have had the tremendous opportunity to become an Ambassador for Vegan Outreach. My first action for this role was National Day of College Outreach, where I organized volunteers across 2 campuses to hand out 1,850 leaflets to students in a single day. I will also be attending the Animal Liberation Conference this year to become an even more effective advocate for the animals.

Since going vegetarian in March 2017, then vegan in April 2018, I have come a long way a short time in my fight for animals welfare. I have done this by surrounding myself with so many amazing vegans and animal rights activists. From my brother Devon who gave me the most amazing gift of becoming vegetarian and then vegan, to Sarah Weldon, a Vegan Outreach Coordinator and dear friend who actually introduced me to activism, it's been an incredible journey that has just begun. My goal now is to help Vegan Outreach fund its incredible success for the weeks and months to come. Together we will achieve total animal liberation. We will fight until every cage is empty.

Please join me in helping the animals by donating here. I will be matching every donation up to $1000, which, when combined with the match from Vegan Outreach's incredibly generous anonymous donor group, will ultimately quadruple your donation. In addition to this, I will hand out 1 leaflet for every dollar donated. Finally, in an effort to push myself to do more activism, I will pledge 1 hour of activism or volunteer work to an animal rights organization or sanctuary of your choosing by the end of the year for donations of $50 or more ($100 donation = 2 hours, etc).

Thank you so much for all of your support.

Dustin Eaton

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