Ethan Blake

  • Funds Raised: $517
  • Fundraising Goal: $750
Hey! My name is Ethan Blake and I am one of our many Outreach Coordinator here at Vegan Outreach. This is my first year and I feel so lucky to be here. So far I have seen how far of a reach Vegan Outreach has. The numbers have been groundbreaking for so many years. When I saw that we had reached our 150,000 10 Weeks to Vegan signups goal, I actually jumped for joy. I started running around my apartment like I just won the The International Ping Pong Tournament. To think that over 150,000 people wanted to learn more about how we can all help animals gives me so much inspiration. The only way we were able to reach that goal was because of the kindness of our donors. Thank you!

Vegan Outreach means so much more to me than a job; Vegan Outreach feels like my family. The great thing is that it isn't only my coworkers that feel like family, it is all the people I meet along the way, and those who make my work possible. To know that I am able to be out there speaking with people about veganism solely because of those that donate makes me push even harder to reach more people. Knowing that I have so many people behind me makes me feel stronger and more resistant to questions like, “what about protein?”

Everyday on tour when I wake up, I know that today will be an amazing day for the animals. Nothing can stop us when we unite under the idea that animals deserve respect. Everyday that I am able to put boots on the ground is all because of you and what you can give. Every day, every animal, every person has you to thank for. The world is changing for the better and together we can accomplish anything. Every day is a new opportunity to reach more and more people, to help them connect their hearts and their minds. Please know that when you donate to Vegan Outreach you are not only saving animals but you are just as equally saving people.

I am setting my fundraising goal at $750. Please help me reach that goal and help us help others. If I reach my goal, I will do 1 push-up for every dollar I get. Currently I am struggling with being able to do more than 20 push ups, so this should be fun. Thank you so much for your time and please consider donating.

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