Ricky McCallum

  • Funds Raised: $60
  • Fundraising Goal: $1,000

How Can I Help?

Again this year, I'm offering computer help for donations. I have a knack and even a passion for troubleshooting computer problems and I know that's not true for many people. If I can help you with anything technology-related at all, please let me know!

My Story

I went from omnivore to vegan overnight after watching a string of enlightening documentaries. Food, Inc. revealed to me the shocking reality of large-scale animal agriculture; Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead showed me the transformative power of plant foods; and Forks Over Knives drove it home with the science. Later on, countless books, lectures, and websites would confirm for me that the massive scope of this problem requires organized action. I often referred to Jack Norris' site VeganHealth.org for nutrition help in the beginning. Through that, I found Vegan Outreach. Five years later, I'm still inspired by VO's commitment to getting more bang for every donated buck!

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