Harry Cushing

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I became pescatarian 17 years ago for health reasons - I was always sensitive to the food I ate and meat was making me feel badly. I continued to eat fish because I bought into the media message that stated fish is better for you than “meat” and was a “good protein source.” A few years later I met my wife and she was vegetarian for ethical reasons - something that, honestly, I had not given a lot of thought to at that point. Shortly after we met I read an article in The New Yorker magazine about the Sea Shepard Organization and how they had been working for decades to stop the devastation and suffering that is inflicted on our oceans by the commercial fishing industry. That day I made the switch to vegetarianism. I began to learn about animal agriculture and quickly concluded that the animal slavery and abuse that was practiced by that industry was just wrong and that I could not support it in any way any longer. My wife and I committed to veganism about 7 years ago and are energized daily by this commitment. It is a pleasure and an honor to wake up every day knowing you are not contributing to animal suffering, to the degradation of the planet that animal agriculture promotes and are experiencing the health benefits of a vegan diet. It’s WIN, WIN, WIN. And I’m glad to report I am getting more than my share of protein from Kale and leafy greens! Vegan Outreach does a great job informing people about the many benefits of veganism for animals and the planet - I wish I had received a VO leaflet and the seed had been planted earlier for me. As you can see, my path to veganism was quite long and eventual. It can seem daunting to people to change their lifestyle but anything you can do to minimize animal suffering is a positive step.

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