Jackie Va

  • Funds Raised: $696
  • Fundraising Goal: $1,000
Please help us continue our work for the animals.

As a Vegan Food Aid Manager, I am helping people eat healthier while promoting saving animal lives! Most of the time, I am just supporting my amazing Vegan Food Aid team and getting first-hand knowledge on the work they have done. In the past, I’ve been able to deliver food aid personally to recipients as well. I grew up in a food desert, and it was a special experience for me to deliver a box of high-quality fresh vegetables and vegan food alternatives to families in my old neighborhood. We’ve done such a great job identifying and serving communities affected by the pandemic. I am proud of my team for serving communities in Sacramento, Stockton, Redwood City, Navajo Nation, Cherokee Nation, Chicago, and many more cities. This year we are looking to distribute groceries and hot meals totaling 800,000 vegan meals to about 40,000 individuals. We are on track to reach our goals! Also, please check out the map I created: tinyurl.com/vfamap

We would appreciate any donations to help our Vegan Food Aid program. Anything you donate will be matched and DOUBLED by our generous donors.

If I reach my goal, I promise to foster the most vegan animal there is: bunnies! It’s perfect timing, I was fortunate to be able to purchase my first home. It’s possible I can have a bunny foster in every room — just don't tell my partner! If you donate to me, I will be sure to send you all the cute pictures that I will have of my foster bunnies. Thank you so much!

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