Jackie Va

  • Funds Raised: $785
  • Fundraising Goal: $800
Is it weird to say I went vegan for bunnies?

Well, I will say it anyways! I am a huge bunny lover and I see their beautiful souls and personalities in every animal I meet. I think we all need to be more compassionate to animals, which is why I love working for Vegan Outreach.

As the Central Valley Community Events Coordinator, I am really feeling the energy of 2019: The Year of Vegan! In California’s Central Valley where there are many meat/dairy farms and rarely any vegan restaurants, I am still meeting so many people who want to go vegan! Please help us reach more people in the Central Valley to give them a nudge in the right direction and provide them with all the best resources to go vegan! If you donate today, your donation will be DOUBLED by a generous donor. Our fundraiser deadline is May 31st. My birthday is also May 9th!

Update: I just extended my goal to just for my birthday since I already reached $500. If you donate $15 or more, I will send you an adorable photo/video of my silly bunnies Basil, Fennel & Parsley. They are super cute and funny! If I reach my $500 goal, I will actually bring my bunnies to one of my community events and share my photos with you all. This is not the easiest task to do, but I think Basil is ready to lecture people on veganism! No one will want to argue with his cuteness!

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