Lisa Rimmert

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This is a challenging moment in history, and nonprofits are being hit hard — especially those whose work has had to shift to avoid public gatherings.

Vegan Outreach usually does on-the-ground, grassroots outreach and education about veganism. In the time of COVID, they've shifted focus to virtual outreach — still promoting their core program, 10 Weeks to Vegan (which has always taken place online).

10 Weeks to Vegan has been making a big impact on what people choose to eat.

Thousands of people all over the world are reducing and eliminating animal foods from their diets because of Vegan Outreach.

That work is valuable and effective in itself, but it also lays the necessary foundation for a bunch of other work. When someone starts to consider what (or whom) they're eating, a lot of other great things occur. They learn more and more. They teach and influence others. They become activists for animals. And that's how to build a vegan world!

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