Mohan Gurunathan

  • Funds Raised: $10,381
  • Fundraising Goal: $10,000

*** 5/31/2021 Update:
Thank you to all my generous donors for helping me meet my $5K goal! I will be providing a $5K personal match, and it will be matched again by another donor pool, resulting in $20K for Vegan Outreach! All amounts above $5K will still be double-matched! ***

Welcome to my site for Team Vegan 2021!

Team Vegan is a fundraiser that runs through the month of May, to raise money to support Vegan Outreach.

Why should you support Vegan Outreach?

Vegan Outreach is a unique organization that promotes kindness and compassion to all life on earth. In a time of major environmental crises, increasing world conflict, a raging pandemic, and heartbreaking human suffering, Vegan Outreach helps to raise awareness of a solution to many of the problems we face: changing the way we eat. Changing our diets offers a potential solution to many serious problems, including: climate change, deforestation, air and water pollution, water shortages, world hunger, antibiotic resistant diseases, pandemics, human illness, and the suffering of billions of animals. Every day, Vegan Outreach helps hundreds of people make the connections between what is on their plate and the world around them. Ultimately, this knowledge will lead to a better world for everyone.

Vegan Outreach also is committed to help our neighbors through the pandemic and economic crisis. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vegan Outreach has bought, bagged, and delivered vegan food to families impacted by the economic crisis across the US. Since April 2020, Vegan Outreach has served meals and grocery bags totaling over 740,000 meals to families across the US - all 100% free of charge!

For this year's Team Vegan, I am offering a special DOUBLE-DOUBLE match incentive: I will personally match all donations up to $5000, and this will again be matched by other Vegan Outreach donors. This amounts to a 4x multiplier on your donation! In other words, if you donate $100, Vegan Outreach will get $400! I am grateful for any amount that you can give, and I hope you can help me fully utilize my DOUBLE-DOUBLE match offer.

Whether or not you are vegan today, I encourage you to contribute what you can to this amazing organization, Vegan Outreach, which is promoting this message of kindness and peace across the globe at a time when it is so badly needed. Thank you for your support!

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