Stacy Shepanek

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  • Fundraising Goal: $600
I'm Stacy and I am an Outreach Coordinator and Communications Designer at Vegan Outreach.

My path to this work began when a movie prompted me to make my first connection between the cheeseburger on my plate and the animal that it once was. Now I am a passionate animal advocate and I love helping people realize how their choices impact animals, the planet and our health.

I started a little late on the Team Vegan Challenge. I only have until June 30th to reach my goal of $600! Please help me get there. This is an excellent time to donate. All donations are currently being matched up to our $235,000 fundraising goal. So every $20 you donate is really $40 for us!

As a bonus, I will volunteer to do the daily feeding at Cotton Branch Farm Sanctuary one day for every $100 donated to my Team Vegan page! Thank you so much!

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