Jessica Hope

  • Funds Raised: $663
  • Fundraising Goal: $500

Thank you for caring about animals and our ecosystem! I'm an energetic mother of two teenagers and two cats. Over the last dozen years I have been a leafleter, a donor, and a volunteer for Vegan Outreach, my favorite nonprofit.

I went vegan in 2007 when I learned about the impact animal agriculture has on climate change. I have stayed vegan because I think animals deserve to be left alone to live in peace.

This is my first year participating in Team Vegan, and my intention is to raise awareness of the suffering experienced by 99.99% of the animals sold as food in the U.S. If I reach my goal, I will donate vegan food to Stanford University’s student animal rights group to help them hold an event to spread the word about factory farming to as many Stanford students (a.k.a. potential future world leaders) as possible.

"I'm not trying to convince people to live by my standards of what's right. I'm trying to convince them to live by their own." -- Frank Reese

THANK YOU for supporting Vegan Outreach!



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