Yuri Mitzkewich

  • Funds Raised: $3,954
  • Fundraising Goal: $5,000
One of the most important moments in my life was in summer of 2008 learning about Vegan Outreach and shortly after began volunteering with this amazing grassroots organization. What impressed me most then was seeing how many caring people were actively taking part, taking time out of their own lives to help new vegans make the switch. With some several hundred of these committed volunteers participating year after year now, Vegan Outreach has reached over 30 million people through effective person-to-person activism, changing the future for countless millions of animals, and humans in the process.

After the personal disruptions for most of us from COVID-19 started this spring, with so many feeling instability for the future, I find myself feeling now even more stronger than ever how connected we are. Connected to others in our community, humans and animals, connected more fully with all our fellow beings we share this planet with. Even as current circumstances have us all questioning the future and what our part in it will be, I feel more driven than ever to make sure this progress of showing kindness towards animals we’ve worked so hard for will continue.

In doing my part, for this Team Vegan i am pledging to raise $5,000 for Vegan Outreach making sure this life-saving work for farm animals can continue. Thanks to a committed group of caring supporters, all donations right now through May 31st will be DOUBLED, meaning together you and me can raise $10,000 towards doing our part to keep inspiring new vegans going forward. For every donation i’ve raised, I myself will be reviewing the last 10 years of activism I've participated in across the country with Vegan Outreach, sharing for each supporter a social media post of an amazing experience we had highlighting an important accomplishment we’ve achieved together. As Margaret Mead wrote “Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have”, I share this excitement to see together what momentous change we are going to be accomplishing next.

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