Yuri Mitzkewich

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  • Fundraising Goal: $2,500
Hi Team! I'm Vegan Outreach's Southeast Outreach Coordinator. Since 2010 I've been a regular activist for VO, working through our Adopt-A-College program to reach students throughout the South Florida area where I live. In Sept 2014 I was lucky enough to come on board as one of Vegan Outreach's Outreach Coordinators, and now have been able to get the word out for the animals even further. As the Southeast OC I visit schools all throughout the southern US states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North & South Carolina, and Florida.

As my challenge for reaching my Team Vegan goal I am repeating my original pledge from 2014, taking an outreach Tour de Florida Keys bike trip. Three days of biking, leafleting, and poster activism beginning in Key Largo FL and going all the way down to the Key West, the Southernmost point in the continental US. 110 miles in all!

Any support you generously give towards Team Vegan will be doubled for this fundraising drive, and will go directly to supporting Vegan Outreach's life changing work making the world a kinder place for animals. Thank you for your support and for being a voice for the voiceless!

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