Yuri Mitzkewich

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  • Fundraising Goal: $3,000
Hey there! My name is Yuri and i'm Vegan Outreach's Southeast Outreach Coordinator! Since 2010 I've been a regular college activist for VO, working through our Adopt-A-College program reaching students around the South Florida area where i've been living. Then in Sept 2014 I was lucky enough to come on board as one of Vegan Outreach's OCs, and thanks to the generous support of donors, have been able to get the word out for the animals even wider since. In my time as an OC, i've visited almost 350 universities, shared life-changing Virtual Reality with over 6500 people, and got our vegan starter info into the hands of over 500k students! None of which would have ever been possible without the generous support of the animal friends everywhere who give to keep this far-reaching and far-sighted work continuing.

As my challenge for reaching my Team Vegan goal I am doing something i've never tried before - running my first ever 13.1 mile half marathon! Any support you can give towards Team Vegan will be doubled for this fundraising drive, and will go directly to supporting Vegan Outreach's life changing work making the world a kinder and peaceful place for animals. Thank you for supporting our efforts, and for being a true change maker for our animal friends!

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