Victor Flores

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Hi everyone! I am a proud father and fortunate husband living in the mountains of New Mexico. We are a family of 6 trying to make the world a better place. We are all vegan and know that the biggest impact we can make is to live the vegan lifestyle.

I am also the Greater New Mexico Community Engagement and Events Coordinator for Vegan Outreach. So much of our great work is only achieved through generous donors as yourself. We have organized free community meals and various events through out our state and El Paso, TX.

I hope we can have your support for Team Vegan to continue educating and informing as many people as possible. Once my goal is reached, my wife and I will be donating 25 hours of hard work at our local farmed animal sanctuary Santuario de Karuna. Please donate to our team whatever you can! Every dollar makes a difference!

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